ACSA Media Committee issues social media guidelines

The Church’s Provincial Media Committee has drawn up guidelines to help parishes and dioceses navigate their way through the fast-growing social media landscape.

Introducing the guidelines, the committee says most non-verbal communication between and among Anglicans in the Province takes place on social media, mostly posted at the discretion of individual Anglicans.

The committee adds:

“Social media have great potential for the Church to connect with people where they are and build relationships with those we struggle to reach through other channels. They provide for instant interaction among different Anglican communities and for spreading news and information quickly.

“The strength of social media outlets is that they are immediate, interactive, conversational and open-ended. This also carries risks. Their pervasiveness can be threatening to those in authority, who may feel that narratives are being propagated outside their control. But in this digital age where communities are formed online, we have no choice but to be part of the conversation and to take advantage of the benefits of social media while avoiding the pitfalls.

“The following guidelines are offered for the consideration of Dioceses and Parishes for their own use and for groups and ministries they supervise…”

The guidelines can be downloaded here >>

3 replies on “ACSA Media Committee issues social media guidelines”

Thank you for this. It becomes a challenge as you are not sure up to where can someone share on these networks. The worrying thing is when people start discussing sensitive issues on social media. That now
becomes a serious problem.

Thanks for these guidelines

You might like to tidy up the language under “Youth Groups “Counsel members not to exchange private massages on social media..”should prësumably read “Council members not to exchange private messages..,

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