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2021 Provincial Synod minutes

Download the daily minutes of the session of Provincial Synod which sat from September 21-24, 2021:

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Well done. Its great to be able to keep up to date with what is happening in the Province so soon after the event. A huge work after a very busy Synod. Good work all involved.

For any who would like a quick overview of the Synod, I have done an index which is available at this URL

If I may be so bold I would like to clear up a matter of history. The PLO did not become the PEO (Agenda 35.3 page 50 President’s comment). The office of the PEO was created by Archbishop Robert in 1962, and was based in Johannesburg. Archbishop Philip moved the PEO to Cape Town, and created the secondary office of PLO in Johannesburg in 1982. The first incumbent of that office was Archbishop Njongo, who did later become PEO. After that the office of PLO was done away with.

I have to say I am a little surprised that when the “[house of] clergy elect” their prolocutor, both nomination and seconding came from the House of Bishops (agenda 5.7), and when the “laity elect” their Chairman (agenda 5.8), the seconder was again from the House of Bishops. Surely that denies the clergy and laity their independence of electing?

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