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Part: C

Metropolitan's Stipend
1. A Common Provincial Fund shall be established:
(a) to increase from provincial contributions the stipend of the Metropolitan provided by the Diocese of Cape Town up to such amount as the Provincial Synod shall determine;

Metropolitans Expenses
(b) to contribute towards the official expenses incurred by the Metropolitan in the organisation of the Province;

Theological Colleges
(c) to contribute towards the maintenance and development of the work of the provincial theological colleges, established as such with the consent of Provincial Synod;

Provincial Boards
(d) to contribute towards the expenses of such provincial boards and standing committees as may be approved by Provincial Synod;

Expenses of Commision
(e) to provide for the expenses of such ad hoc commissions and committees as shall be appointed by the Provincial Synod, the Provincial Standing Committee or the Synod of Bishops;

Expenses of Committees and Synod
(f) to provide for the administration and travelling expenses of the Provincial Standing Committee, the Provincial Synod or the Synod of Bishops, and

(g) to provide for such other purposes as may from time to time be approved of by the Provincial Synod or by the Provincial Standing Committee.

Administration of Fund
2. The Provincial Finance Board is authorized to review and approve the Annual Financial Statements of the Common Provincial Fund annually and that the approved financial statements will be tabled at each session of Provincial Synod or Provincial Standing Committee.

Percentage on Income
3. The Provincial Synod at each of its sessions shall determine the maximum percentage of income from parochial and diocesan sources that the several dioceses, as composing the Province, may be called on to contribute, and such maximum percentage shall hold good until the next session of the Provincial Synod.

Estimates and Contributions
4. Provincial Synod or Provincial Standing Committee, as the case may be, shall take into consideration year by year the total sum needed for the purposes of the Common Provincial Fund, and, in terms of section 3 of this canon, shall prepare estimates for the ensuing year, and allocate the amount required hereinafter called the contribution to the several dioceses of the Province, in such proportion as it may determine. The Provincial Secretary and Treasurer shall furnish the financial authorities of each diocese with a copy of the proposed estimates and contributions at least three months prior to the meeting of the Provincial Synod or Provincial Standing Committee at which the payments from and contributions to the fund for the ensuing year are fixed.

Any objection to a contribution, with the reason therefore, must be lodged with the Provincial Secretary at least 30 days before the meeting referred to in section 4(a) of this canon, and all such objections shall be considered by Provincial Synod or Provincial Standing Committee.

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