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Part: C

Disposal of Ground or Building
1 No consecrated ground or budding shall be sold, exchanged or otherwise disposed of except it be authorized by the Diocesan Synod or competent body appointed by Synod in pursuance of the report of a Commission appointed by the Bishop of the Diocese. Prior to the passing of transfer of such consecrated land or building, the Archdeacon or his Commissary shall after the end of the last service held there read the Revocation of Consecration issued under the hand and seal of the Bishop of the Diocese. The Revocation of Consecration shall thereafter be kept in the Registry of the Diocese.

Alterations in Churches
2 It shall not be lawful for any Incumbent, Churchwarden, or other person, by virtue of any interest or right he may have in any Church or Chapel, to make any alteration in the construction or arrangement of the same, without permission of the Bishop of the Diocese, under his hand and seal, first had and obtained.

Growing the Church

Anglican Students Federation


Hope Africa

Anglican AIDs

Anglican Youth of Southern Africa
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