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Part: C

Residence of Clergy
1 Every Parish clergyman, whether Incumbent or assistant, shall reside within the limits of his Parish (except in towns, where it shall suffice that he live within the town, if there be no Parsonage House) unless he have a licence of non-residence from the Bishop, which shall only be granted upon urgent cause.

Absence from Sunday Duty
2 No Incumbent shall absent himself from his Charge for more than one Sunday, without providing a substitute approved by the Bishop, unless with special leave from the Bishop himself.

Absence without leave
3 If an incumbent shall be absent from his Parish for a period of three months without permission of the Bishop of the Diocese, it shall be competent for the Bishop to call upon him to return; and if at the expiration of a further three months he shall still be absent, it shall be competent for the Bishop, after consultation with his Chapter (or Senate), to declare the Cure vacant.

Secular Employment
4 No licensed Clergyman shall seek or accept remunerative office or employment outside his ministerial duties without permission of the Bishop first and obtained in writing.

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