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Part: C

Duties of the Clergy
Every clergyman shall in the absence of reasonable the hindrance
(a) say the daily Morning and Evening Prayer or such other Offices as may be authorized by the Bishop;
(b) devote himself, in accordance with his ordination vows, to regular study of Holy Scripture and other studies relevant to his work.

Incumbents are recognized as being leaders, ordained Incumbents and set apart by God and his Church for the oversight of the Pastoral Charges to which they are appointed, and particularly in regard to preaching, teaching and liturgical worship, under the authority of the Bishop.

Incumbent and the Parish Council
3 The Incumbent shall work together with the Parish in the task of enabling the community of the people of God Council to exercise the ministry of the Body of Christ. Together with the Council he shall see that the educational, evangelistic and pastoral work of the pastoral charge is carried out, and he shall lead the people of the pastoral charge in its social concern.

Duties of Incumbent
Every Incumbent shall in the absence of reasonable hindrance perform the following duties:

(a) He shall celebrate or cause to be celebrated the Holy Communion on Sundays, other Great Festivals and Ash Wednesday, save for the provisions of section 2 of Canon 26 Of Residence of Clergy.
(b) He shall administer or cause to be administered the Sacraments and other rites prescribed by the Book of Common Prayer or as may be authorized by the Bishop, as the occasion demands.
(c) He shall preach or cause to be preached a sermon expounding and applying Holy Scripture, within his pastoral charge at least once on each Sunday.
(d) He shall be responsible for the organization and training of all who instruct children and adults in the Christian faith.
(e) He shall be available for counsel and advice.
(f) He shall administer with due pastoral concern the requirements of Canon 35.

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