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Diocese of Lebombo

Street address:
Avenida do
Trabalho/ Rua Do Ria Tembe
Postal address:C. P. 120
Telephone:0025821 40 5364
Fax number:0025821 40 1090
Email: carlosmatsinhe@rocketmail.com

Archdeaconries in the Diocese of Lebombo:

 Archdeaconry of Inhambane District
 Archdeaconry of Limpopo
 Archdeaconry of Maciene
 Archdeaconry of Maputo District
 Archdeaconry of Pungoe
 Archdeaconry of Umbeluzi

Country of Mozambique



The Rt Revd Carlos Matsinhe. [Off] Diocese of Lebombo, P O Box 120, Maputo, Mocambique Tel: 0025821 40 4885 Fax: 0025821 40 1093

Email: carlosmatsinhe@rocketmail.com


Former Bishops

1893       W.E. Smythe

1913       J.L. Fuller

1921       L.N. Fisher

1929       B.W. Peacey

1936       D. Victor

1948       John Boys

1952       H. Beevor

1958       S.C. Pickard

1969       D.P. Cabral

1976          D S Sengulane



Cathedral of St Augustin. Maciene



Diocesan Officials

Diocesan Editor              


Diocesan Secretary          

Mr Bento Michangula. [Off] C.P. 120, Maputo, Mocambique Tel: 0025821 405364

Fax: 0025821 401093 [Home] Diocesan Office, Anglicana do Chamanculo,

Avenida do Trabalho/Rua do Rio Tembe, Maputo, Mocambique



Growing the Church

Anglican Students Federation

ACSA Environmental Network


Hope Africa

Anglican AIDs

Anglican Youth of Southern Africa
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