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 Celebrating Sunday - Easter material available
27 March 2017
 Anglican bishops condemn call for attacks on foreign nationals in Pretoria
23 February 2017
 Dean of Johannesburg Urges City Leaders to Restore Servanthood and Moral Ethics to Governance
23 February 2017
 Scrap nuclear power, expand renewable energy sources, urges Archbishop Makgoba
22 February 2017
 News Update
20 February 2017
 Statement on the death of 94 Mentally challenged people by the Bishop Of Kimberley at the 52nd Session of the Diocesan Synod
17 February 2017
 To the Laos - to the People of God
17 February 2017
 Archbishop's Lent Bible Study material
15 February 2016
 News Update
13 February 2017
 [Archbishop Thabo Makgoba] Water is Life, Sanitation is Dignity JustWater 2017
6 February 2017
 [Archbishop Thabo Makgoba] Sermon delivered in the Diocese of Madhya Kerala, Church of South India
6 February 2017
 News Update
Jan 24
20 January 2017
 Ad Laos - to the People of God
17 January 2017
 News Update
10 January
 Archbishop Justin Welby preaches at St George's Cathedral, Cape Town
 Ad Laos - to the People of God - Advent 2016
24 November 2016
 News update 18 November 2016
 Prayer Vigil held on steps of St George Cathedral, Cape Town on 2 November
7 November 2016
 Update of News - 6 November
 Inaugural Lecture in memory of Bishop David Beetge on Sunday 30th October 2016
25 October 2016
 Week at a glance - October 24
 Thy Kingdom Come season May-June 2017
18 October 2017
 Anglican-Catholic relations: Archbishop Welby and the Pope on Vatican Radio
7 October 2016
 News at a glance
5 October 2016
 The Anglican Church of Southern Africa's debate on human sexuality
1 October 2016
 Anglican Church of Southern Africa rejects blessing of same-sex civil unions in South Africa
30 September 2016
 ACSA Synod goes into Conference to begin debate on human sexuality
29 September 2016
 ACSA Synod goes into Conference to begin debate on human sexuality
29 September 2016
 [Archbishop Thabo Makgoba] Archbishop appeals to South African student protesters
26 September 2016
 Electoral College for the Diocese of Niassa
26 September 2016
 Electoral College for the Diocese of Christ the King
26 September 2016
 Anglican News
15 September 2016
 An Open Letter to Minister Pravin Gordhan and the staff of the National Treasury
14 September 2016
 Ad Laos - To the People of God
7 September 2016
 Provincial Synod to debate proposal for pastoral care for LGBTI members
17 August 2016
10 August 2016
 News at a glance
8 August 2016
 Statement released on Electoral Code of Conduct Observer Commission
31 July 2016
 Vacancy: Director of Music
Cathedral of St Michael & St George, Grahamstown
 New Provincial Executive Officer licensed
 Applications to COTT now open
18 July 2016
 2017 Admissions to College of Transfiguration now open
Apply now
 News Update - 5 July
July 2016
 South African Deputy Chief Justice Receives Archbishop's Award
27 June 2016
 To the Laos - to the People of God
June 2016
 Death of Bishop Charles Albertyn - RIP
20 June 2016
 Spiritfest - Initiative of the Churches of the Diocese of Grahamstown
20 June 2016
 ACSA News at a glance
12 June 2016
 Elective Assembly of the diocese of Christ the King
9 June 2016
 News at a glance
31 May 2026
 Candidates for the Elective Assembly - Diocese of Christ the King
31 May 2016
 Anglican News Update
16 May 2016
 News at a glance
May 2016
 We are back on line
6 May 2016
 Vacancy for St Nicholas East London
6 May 2016
 ACC-16 Lusaka
The Anglican Consultative Council begins its 16th meeting (ACC-16) in Lusaka
 Morning and Evening Prayer:Relevant services for today?
By Andrew-John Bethke
 News at a glance
3 March
 [Archbishop Thabo Makgoba] Dear People of God
22 February 2016
 Statement from the Synod of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa
22 February 2016
 The Archbishop has advised of the election of the bishop for the See of Namibia
17 February 2016
 Call to Prayer as South Africa debates the State of the Nation
11 February 2016
 Election of Bishop - Diocese of Pretoria
5 February 2016
 Vacancy - Assistant Priest at Cathedral of St Andrew & St Michael, Bloemfontein
February 2016
 News at a glance
1 February 2016
 to the Laos - To the People of God: Tensions in the Communion?
3 February 2016
 Elective Assembly - Diocese of Pretoria
3 February 2016
 Elective Assembly - Diocese of Niassa
 News at a glance
18 January 2016
 Communique from the Primates
18 January 2016
 Nominees for the Elective Assembly - Diocese of Niassa
12 January 2016
Shaffer: Homeless Jesus sculpture attracts attention (see link below)  News at a glance
7 January 2016
 [Archbishop Thabo Makgoba] Global prayer for Primates Meeting
8 January 2016
 Annual Conference of the Canon Law Council takes place at the end of January 2016
5 January 2016
 A homily for Christmas Eve 2015, preached at St Georges Cathedral, Cape Town. Archbishop Thabo warned that corruption has infected Government in 'epidemic proportions'.
5 January 2016
 News at a glance - week of 11 December 2015
 Email scam alert
11 December 2015
 Election of Dean Monument Makhanya as bishop-elect of Zululand
10 December 2015
 (Archbishop Thabo) Notes from Paris - Day Two of the Climate Summit
1 December 2015
 Archbishop Thabo: Notes from the climate summit in Paris - Sunday
30 November 2015
 From Paris, Archbishop calls for climate change agreement
27 November 2015
 A Charred Cross of Redemption - To the Laos - To the People of God
17 November 2015
 News at a glance
15 November 2015
 News at a glance - Another Francis
17 November 2015
 Diocese of Zululand - Elective Assembly
17 November 2015
 Tribute to a pioneering priest - the Revd Canon Nancy Charton - 1920-2015
12 November 2015
 Update on Diocese of Umzimvubu
10 November 2015
 Fire destroys Umzimvubu buildings - Letter to the Bishops
9 November 2015
 Address delivered by Archbishop Thabo Makgoba to the Conference of Deans and Senior Priests, held in the Diocese of Swaziland
6 November 2015
 News at a glance
3 November 2015
Prayer Book Revision  Revising APB 1989 Update #1
27 October 2015
 South African students win zero per cent fee increase fight
23 October 2015
 Archbishop Thabo joins religious leaders to support protesting students
22 October 2015
 Archbishop Makgoba visits Wits - calls for 'bail-out' for students - son arrested in Cape Town
22 October 2015
Weekly news to 15 October 2015
 Ad Laos - to the People of God
14 October 2015
 Corruption entrenches inequality in South Africa, says Archbishop
30 September 2015
 Anglicans in Southern Africa resolve to combat xenophobia among youth Resolution of PSC
 Anglican Church in Southern Africa to probe fossil fuel investments Resolution of PSC, 2015
 Tribute to Bishop Rubin Phillip of Natal - paid at Provincial Standing Committee
28 September 2015
 Message from the Bishops to the People of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa
17 September 2015
 Sermon preached at the Consecration of Bishop Charles May on Saturday 12 September 2015 by Bishop Peter Lee.
12 September 2015
 Archbishop Thabo Makgoba issues prayer for refugees and migrants
9 September 2015
 Prayer Service for the Police
4 September 2015
 Archbishop Thabo asks Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu about prayer and God.
4 September 2015
 Kairos Document 30th Anniversary
3 September 2015
 Call to Prayer for Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and Bishop Charles Albertyn
26 August 2015
 Archbishop Thabo Makgoba calls for World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation
26 August 2015
Vuleka School  New Boys School - the Archbishop Thabo Makgobas Diocesan School for Boys
21 August 2015
 Anglican Church in George calls for amicable resolution of conflict over transport
21 August 2015
 Results of Namibia Elective Assembly
19 August 2015
 Ad Laos - to the People of God
August 2015
 Letter to Bishops, Strategists, PPM and PSC Members
24 July 2015
 Letter from the Archbishop to Bishops, Strategists, PPM and PSC Members
24 July 2014
 Results of the Natal Elective Assembly
17 July 2015
 Nominations for the Diocese of Namibia
15 July 2015
 First English woman to become an Anglican priest dies aged 92
July 2015
 Candidates for the Elective Assembly for the Diocese of Natal
6 July 2015
 University of Pretoria honours two prominent South African clerics
6 July 2015
 Ad Laos - to the People of God
June 2015
 [Archbishop Thabo Makgoba] Statement from an Extraordinary meeting of the Synod of Bishops
5 May 2015
 Request for comments on South African public holidays
3 May 2015
 Remarks prepared by Archbishop Thabo Makgoba for an Anti-Xenophobia Rally
At the City Hall Cape Town on April 22, 2015
 Archbishop Thabo Makgoba has called on Anglicans and other people of faith to join acts of public witness this week against xenophobic violence.
21 April 2015
 Archbishop Thabo Makgoba of Cape Town has added his voice to calls for an end to the current outbreak of xenophobic violence.
16 April 2015
 Archbishop Thabo Makgoba - To the People of God
7 April 2015
Archbishops plant onions at an urban food project in Khayelitsha, Cape Town  Southern Africa Hosts CAPA in Cape Town
10 March 2015
 Archbishop Thabo Makgoba has commended firefighters and volunteers involved in the battle against the fires in the southern part of the Cape Peninsula.
5 March 2015
 The Anglican Church of Southern Africa‚Äôs e-reader project goes live today
2 March 2015
 Archbishop Thabo Makgoba has appealed for prayers for a peaceful election in Lesotho on Saturday
27 February 2015
 Archbishop Thabo Makgoba - To the People of God
21 February 2015
 Listen online to Reflections on Lent
Four widely-known Anglican figures are to join Archbishop Thabo Makgoba from this week in offering reflections on each Sunday in Lent.
 [Archbishop Thabo Makgoba] To the People of God
13 February 2015
 Two academic posts open at the College of the Transfiguration, Grahamstown
9 February 2015
 [Archbishop Thabo Makgoba] Archbishop calls for commemorations of anniversary of Nelson Mandela's release
6 February 2015
 Candidates for the Elective Assembly for the Diocese of the Highveld
29 January 2015
 [Archbishop Thabo Makgoba] Tribute to the Revd. Canon Mcebisi Xundu
28 January 2015
 [Archbishop Thabo Makgoba] Statement on violence against African migrants in Soweto
26 January 2015
 Press Release from Davos - Archbishop Thabo in the wake of Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria and Paris
22 January 2015
 Provincial Media Committee requests proposals to re-build the Provincial Website
20 January 2015
 Archbishop Thabo speaks on Urban Food Security in Southern Africa
12 June 2009

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