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Social Development

Statement on the death of 94 Mentally challenged people by the Bishop Of Kimberley at the 52nd Session of the Diocesan Synod

Commentary on the death of 94
Mentally challenged people



The 52nd Session
of the Synod of the Anglican Church of the Diocese of Kimberley & Kuruman
expressed great sadness at the death of 94 mental patients who died because
they were disrupted by what appears to be insensitive relocation. We learnt
that despite objections and pleas by their families their comfort thus
contributing directly to their tragic deaths.

We further noted the cold and insensitive attitude of the speaker of the
National Assembly, the Hon Baleka Mbete, who found it impossible to concede to
a request for a moment of silence to acknowledge the tragedy. We believe that
such a gesture would have meant a lot to the grieving families. Unfortunately,
this rejection reflected on the entire ruling party since none of them risked
the opportunity of making such a conciliatory and sympathetic gesture.


We continue to pray for the
families as they struggle to get to grips with the situation. We also pray for
this in authority that they may be enabled to make good and right decisions -
rather than expedient ones.


May God bless all who can and do make a difference and may we all be convicted to always take the
right decisions for the benefit of the vulnerable people in our midst.


The Right Revd Oswald Swartz
on behalf of the Synod of the Diocese of Kimberley & Kuruman.


NB: At the time when this
statement was being prepared, it was reported in the press that the number of
deceased had grown to 100 and probably beyond. We make a serious call for those
in authority to address this matter with the urgency it deserves and take bold
steps in putting remedial plans into place.



Posted: 2017/02/17 (12:00:37 PM)

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