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Other titles and titles approved by the Anglican Church of Southern Africa

10 % discount on 10 or more of one title except for parish registers.
Postage – contact office.
APB - Plastic Covers To fit the standard Prayer Book R10.00
Application for Marriage Booklet Questions for the couple R 10.00
Badges: Fish badges - gold Lapel badges O/S
Badges: Fish Badges - silver Lapel badges R 6.00
Cards: Blessing of a Home Certificate given on the blessing of a home R4.00
Cards: Communion to the Sick and Anointing Service of Communion to Sick on cards R4.00
Cards: God-Parent - blue Prayers for God-child (boy) R2.00
Cards: God-parent - pink Prayers for God-child (girl) R2.00
Constitution and Canons – 2010 up to Synod 2010 R80.00
Constitution and Canons - Inserts Supplementary pages only for blue file - 2007
corrections up to Provincial Synod 2010
Course: Beloved of God 6 week course –looking at violence again women R8.00
Course:Story telling as a way to facilitate healing Parish small group course O/S
CPSA: Book of Common Forms List of Forms and Licenses for diocesan use R 30.00
J Suggit & M Goedhals Change and Challenge 150th Anniversary booklet on the CPSA R 35.00
J Suggit: Invitation to Life Young persons guide to Eucharist R7.00
J Suggit: Simplicity of God A look at God as Trinity R 25.00
J Suggit: The Anglican Way Southern African Perspectives R 12.00
J Suggit: The Bible Today Looks at the meaning and purpose of the Bible R10.00
J Suggit: Word of God and People of God Relation between Bible and Church R20.00
J Suggit : Down to Earth & Up to Heaven The gospel of John and Life Abundant O/S
Lent Booklet: Merrily in Lent by Bp T Stanage Looking at the gospel of John O/S
Layminster Guide: Isikhokelo Sabefundisi Abangooleyminsta Guide for lay ministers – Xhosa only R20.00
 Lent Book: Journey through Lent by Tina Ambler-Smith R6.00
Lent Booklet: Psalm 119 - by Francis Cull OUT OF PRINT sold out
Lent Booklet: Food for thought Lent 2002 - daily readings during Lent R6.00
Lent Booklet: Prayerfulness in the Spirit By Bp M Nuttall -OUT OF PRINT sold out
M McCoy: Child in our Midst Ministry to Children R 0.00
Pastoral Standards Revised Code of Conduct R10.00
Pastoral Standards on HIV & Aids R5.00
Praying at Home Prayers for family use (reprinted) R20.00
Saints and Seasons Notes on Saints and Seasons R34.95
Services for Parish Use – English, Xhosa & Zulu

English  & Xhosa reprinted  R 25

Occasional Services – for parish life


R10 others


Stewardship Manual Guidelines about stewardship in the parish R15.00
Study Document: Abortion Statement 1996 Study document on abortion issue R 0.00
Study Document: the Church & Euthanasia Looks at the ethical issue of euthanasia R0.00
Study Document: the Church & IVF Looks at genetic engineering and IVF R0.00
Study Document: Theology of Marriage Theology and pastoral practice of Marriage R0.00
Afrikaans translation – Theology of Marriage Study guide (photocopy available) R0.00
Synod: How to Succeed at Synod Info on how Synods are run R 0.00
Sacristan's Handbook by M Graham R50.00
Window Stickers with Anglican church logo Packed in 100’s. Discount for 100 = R150.00 R4.00

Posted: 2010/04/12 (11:49:38 AM)

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