Updated Canons Now Available

The blue A5 file containing the Constitution and Canons of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa is once again available @ R120 each.

It contains all the amendments to the Canons arising from Provincial Synod 2016.

Supplementary pages for those who already have the file are also available, @ R60 a set.

Orders to orders@anglicanchurchsa.org.za



11 Responses to Updated Canons Now Available

  • Is there a digital copy available for downloading?

  • We have loaded the Canons on the Website but they are not the updated set as yet. The website is new and the transition from the old site taken longer than anticipated. We are still learning our way around the new site. The updated Canons will be loaded soon. Note also only the Canons are on the site – we have not loaded the Constitution as yet nor any of the supplement material, the Acts etc. found in the printed edition.

  • I am trying to download the canons but I can’t.. if ever the is an alternative way of downloading
    can you please give me the reference.

    • My apologies for this late response. The Canons are not available as a download from the website. we have loaded individual Canons but these have not as yet been updated to include the changes made at the last Provincial Synod. This is a task that will be completed soon.

  • request to get a download of the canons.

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